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1 Year of MANN Magazine! - 04/07/2024

HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! To think we've lasted this long... as someone who's been here since the beginning, I'm so proud of what we've all managed to do. The stuff we make brings me so much joy, and I hope that every creator on the team knows that I am so happy with what we've created.

And to the readers, THANK YOU! Without your kind comments and support for this weird little magazine we could not have lasted this long without falling asleep of boredom.

Oh, I almost forgot...

THE MERCH! Just a little somethin somethin to celebrate. Don't take it too seriously- we definitely didn't. Any profits will go directly to supporting MANN Magazine Staff. (I wonder what everyone will do with their 20 cents... personally, I'm saving up for a Miku plushie.)

That's all from me! Don't steal your Mom's credit card for this. See you at the end of the month!

- nenkaii

Marching into March - 03/30/2024

A short post for this issue- we're in March! The M in March actually stands for MEGASCATTERBOMB, this Month's MANN of the Month! Go read the wonderful issue on the Read page! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go spam pipe bombs in yeehaw's mailbox.

- nenkaii

The Feburary Issue is here! - 02/28/2024

MANN Magazine is officially off our hiatus, and we've been cooking! You can read our magazine on our New "read" page! We worked real hard on this one, so we hope you enjoy our blood, sweat, tears, and piss.

Anyways, if you're still reading this we appreciate you not immediately clicking off to read our fabulous new issue! To show our appreciation, we ask you please fill out this useful little survey.

That's all for now! What are you still doing here? Go read the new issue! As for the team and I, we're gonna go infiltrate some servers as a horde of battle medics. \

- nenkaii

Welcome! - 01/06/2024

This is the first post on our snazzy new website, that the public won't see until the beginning of February. Ain't that fun? This site (and this first post) was lovingly manipulated by me, nenkaii, to be a suitable host for our godforsaken magazine. We'll always have our stuff up on the Internet Archive, in case any of the pipe bombs I placed within the pages go off and crash this site. But in general, you can enjoy our stuff on this here.

Wanna support us so we can add MORE PIPE BOMBS to this page's HTML? Check out the sidebar on the left (or above if you're on mobile) to follow our Twitter*, join our Discord, subscribe to the YouTube, and support us with a tip on Kofi!

*Calling it "X" feels ridiculous.

That's all for now! Can't wait to see you all in Feburary.

- nenkaii